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About Us

E-cell, the Entrepreneurship Cell at IIFT pursues the endeavor of sensitizing and fostering entrepreneurship among the students at IIFT. The student-run body facilitates the process of knowledge expansion with a practical edge by exposing the students to hands-on experience of entrepreneurship through events, competitions, knowledge transfer sessions, alumni interactions and interactive sessions with existing Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists.The cell is a facilitator for the leaders on the campus to follow their dreams.

Our Vision and Mission:

We aim to act as a catalyst and an incubator for new ideas. Given below are our objectives:

  • Providing an outlet for the entrepreneurial zeal and creativity of future leaders at IIFT

  • Equipping students with apt skill set and knowledge to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship

  • Making students aware of the vast pool of resources and networks available to them

Essentially our mission is build a strong platform for students to develop a strong network of entrepreneurs, business schools, government and multilateral organizations, experienced faculty, resource infrastructure and other organizations involved in developing entrepreneurial environment


Activities, Developments and Competitions Conducted :

Given below are the events and activities E-Cell carries out in an academic year:

Genesis: Genesis is IIFT’s annual flagship Startup Fair which hosts a plethora of young and innovative Startups, Venture Capitalists, Mentors and Legal Advisors. The Startups get a mentorship opportunity from high profile mentors and legal advisors as part of this fair along with an interaction with the students. The Startups get a shot at bagging business funding by delivering an elevator pitch to the Venture Capitalists,Angel Investors and domain experts.

Inceptum: Inceptum is the annual B-Plan event as part of our Management and Cultural fest Quo Vadis. Every year the competition sees a large number of entries from across the top B-Schools and undergraduate institutes of the country. The event is judged by VCs and serves as an excellent opportunity for students to dig deep into the world of entrepreneurship.

Student Interaction Sessions: Essentially, member meetings of the E-Cell are an interactive session between all the students enrolled with the cell discussing about their past experiences and future dreams about entrepreneurship.

Social Media Presence: E-Cell has a presence across social media on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Periodic updates flow on the platforms for enriching the knowledge base of budding entrepreneurs.

Elevator Pitch Competition: E-Cell conducts yearly mock Elevator Pitch Competitions amongst its members so as to give them a feel of actual pitching in the future. The competition sees great participation and exciting prizes!

Intra-IIFT B-Plan Competition: E-Cell conducts this in the month of September where students are required to create a Business Plan. This is a mock competition which is meant to help students understand the basics of making a B-Plan. Again the winners are suitably rewarded for performing in this event!


Ennovate: The cell provides an opportunity to everyone to pen down their thoughts as part of this article writing competition. The best entries get rewarded and find its way on the edition of Ennovate, the annual magazine of E-Cell at IIFT.

Meet the ECell  Team

Richa Kashyap_E Cell - RICHA KASHYAP_33D

Richa Kashyap

Richa is methodical, creative and easily distracted by food.

ShilpaNoble_ECell - SHILPA NOBLE_41A.JPG

Shilpa S Noble

Shilpa is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, she can and she will add her flair to the most boring thing you've ever seen and make it dazzle.

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