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About Us

IIFT has long been a powerhouse of literary talent that manifests itself in numerous blogs, magazines and even books published by its students. The Literary Cell is an effort to give voice and provide a platform to all those souls who find refuge in the deepest recesses of books and other assorted literature.​

In the past this cell has conducted events that have ranged from glitzy Book Launches, Writing competitions and quizzes. 

In order to further the interests of countless bibliophiles ensconced in IIFT the cell plans a number of engaging activities every year. A brief glimpse of the various events that IIFTians look forward to, are outlined below: 

Competitions: Quizzes each based on different themes/genre, writing competitions that include poetry, short-composition. A possible internship sharing completion could be an example.

Open Mic-night events: This includes stand-up comedy or poetry events.

Book Clubs/Discussion: Debates and discussions around popular books and their impact make for spirited participation


Open Mic:


The club invites speakers and performers of different art forms and genre to show their talent and display their art form in front of our very own audience. Historically, stand-ups and poetry have dominated the open mics with occasional singing performances. The event has seen some very powerful and thought provoking stories and these keeps us motivated to make it bigger every year.

Slam Poetry contest:

The club organizes a slam poetry contest under the banner of Quo Vadis- The annual management and cultural festival and enjoys participation of the best performing arts enthusiast in the National Capital region.