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About Us

The media committee at IIFT, is a student-run body which serves as a communication liaison between the administration and the media agencies outside IIFT. It is primarily responsible for providing non-placement related information to media entities and increasing the institute's visibility at the national level.


The committee consistently makes use of traditional, digital and TV media to communicate with various stakeholders. In its efforts to manage as well as promote the IIFT brand, the committee strives to keep the outer world abreast with its latest developments - from the institute's signature fest, Quo Vadis and Tradewinds to the various national and international events its students participate in.


Pre - Induction

The committee organises a series of engaging events with the incoming batch of juniors to give them a flavour of the rigour of a B-school life. It includes many interesting tasks and assignments, all with the tight deadlines. It sure feels like walking a tightrope, yet having fun.


The committee has also taken up the initiative of organizing the TEDx conference at IIFT which it aims to add to the institute's rich legacy.  The VI edition of TEDxIIFTDelhi, with the theme 'Threads of Connection', was held virtually on 15th January 2022. 


Meet The MediaComm    Team

Nakul Suresh_Creatives.jpg

Nakul Suresh

Prashant Saxena_Media Committee.jfif

Prashant Saxena

Bhalamurali D_Media Committee.jpeg



Pallavi Immadi

IMG-20190510-WA0077 - SRISHTI KOUL MBA Delhi 2022-24.jpg

Srishti Koul

Perpetually travelling with memories and stories

FE42B2C9-AEB1-4593-A808-AC4F939EE8CF - SRISHTI KOCHHAR MBA Delhi 2022-24.jpeg

Srishti Kochhar

Punjabi song lover, happy go lucky and fierce

Picsart_22-07-23_23-38-49-055 - BHAVIK GUPTA MBA Delhi 2022-24.jpg

Bhavik Gupta

Beatles stan, Cinephile, A not-so proud Barca fan

004E0839-3A1D-43A5-9575-51B533DFB1F3 - SHIVANI VIKAS TIDKE MBA Delhi 2022-24.jpeg

Shivani Tidke

Kind at heart, creative at work

IMG_20200606_180546_777 - ARUNANSHU DEEP BARNWAL MBA Delhi 2022-24.jpg

Arunanshu Deep Barnwal

Weirdly curious, definitely funny

Sharanya Jha.jpeg

Sharanya Jha

Stochastic in a continuum, geeky and goofy

PXL_20220415_071501721~2 - SAKSHI JAIN MBA Delhi 2022-24.jpg

Sakshi Jain

Potterhead, Fan-girl,

K-drama addict

Samprikta Sinha Roy_photo2 - SAMPRIKTA SINHA ROY MBA Delhi 2022-24.jpg

Samprikta Sinha Roy

A sleep deprived entity who finds solace in music

ID Pic.jpg

Smrithi Viswanathan

Media Seceretary

Luv Kapruwan_Media Committee.png

Luv Kapruwan

Ashutosh Pratap Singh_Media Committee.jpeg

Ashutosh Pratap Singh


Aravindh Prabhakaran

Live Feed - IIFT  Insider Instagram

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