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A Strong Republic with civilization ethos

India might have become a republic in Jan 26th, 1950. But the civilization and its ethos start from the chalcolithic and bronze era of Indus valley civilization to the Iron age Jana padas in its earliest form, The Vedic ideals of peace for the world, the idea of India as an abode of heaven 天国 “Tengoku” is known from the Japanese due to its spread of dharmic message of peace in form of Buddhism represent our character as a republic.

The republic in future should evolve not only as the biggest bastion of democracy in Asia and the world but also as a model of governance to be followed and soft power appreciated widely. A strong India emerged after the devastation caused by East India company and Imperial colonial rule of Britain due to the unity in diversity message adopted by most of the population despite venom spewed by poisonous radicals like Jinnah to balkanize the country and permanently keep us in eternal conflict.

Tall leaders like Nehru and others provided stability and debunked the western imperialist snipes that India would never survive as a republic by successfully running a liberal democracy which adopted the self-reliance mantra.

However, without strength our peace and civilization will never be respected by hostile neighbors. Hence Indira made our country strong militarily and redefined the notion of nationalism. Without money and global connectivity our economy would again not sustain the progress we have achieved so far in our national journey. Hence the need for Liberalization and the results are before us. Today our republic is the 6th largest economy in the world with the 4th most powerful military with a good soft power attractiveness and stable liberal democracy.

But the issues of the past are again resurfacing which we could observe closely. Extreme aggression on the border and psychological fifth generational warfare launched by our neighbors is again threatening the peace and stability of our republic. Today hence there is a great necessary for the country to adopt its civilizational values as a strength and identity to recapture our right place in the world to uphold dharma and spread the values of democracy and achieve excellence in technology through self-reliance for our republic to be immortalized as the gentle giant caring for everyone but not hesitate when the injustice prevails. Jai hind!


Avinash is a history lover exploring the mysteries of past and enjoys learning about various cultures of the world. As an avid reader he has developed a critical approach for the impact of the past on the present situations of various domains of the world.

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