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Blazing Heart

By Jayesh Chandra Gupta

Oh only if I could tell her that how much I love her, if she can understand the meaning of my silence, the reason behind my waywardness, the reason for my absence.

But if she could understand all of this I would not be writing this poem And I would have not found her, yeah I moved on and found my true love She is always there with me whenever I need her, she helps me forget about the past And never reminds me how cruel life can be.

Last Saturday I had a tryst with her. Something I will always remember. And last Saturday she was everywhere, everywhere and of it for me. No she is not a girl, she is not a girl and I am not gay.

She is not a girl and I am not gay. She is my new lover: beer. Last Saturday Beer Beer everywhere, and all of it to drink! And all of it to drink! But it is not over, it is not over!

She helped me find a new lover, yeah she helped me find a new lover, in this game of love In this game of love, she asked me: Is one lover enough? Is one lover enough? I still ponder over her question: Is one lover enough?

If one lover is all we need than why so many hearts ablaze, why so many hearts ablaze? If love is all we need than why so many crimes astray? Why so many crimes astray? No matter what we breed we are still made of greed, we are still made of greed ! Now you read these line and count how many hearts have you left ablaze and how many times you did astray?


About the author Jayesh Gupta is a 2018 graduate from IIFT. As a part of his MBA programme he completed his internship with JP Morgan Chase & Co. Jayesh was also among the national five finalist of Linkedin-MTV Get a Job Season 2

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