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By Esha Sugla

The swirling cup of strong coffee My daily dose of “let’s take on this world” Holds so much within its murky contents.

The longing that the rain bring with it, while I sit beside the window, trying to find contentment in this brew of beans.

The tiredness of a long day that seeps into my bones, and I sit with this mug, wondering when I changed so much, whether it was a choice or just circumstance that’s made me who I am today…

The words… that are so oft left unspoken, the things I want to know, that go far deeper than the mundane; wondering what keeps you awake at night,

Dreams unfilled or people you’ve let go of.. And what makes your heart leap and dance with joy, are your guilty pleasures same as mine?

But I just take another sip, leaving the extraordinary for another day…

It holds the clandestine smiles, the stealthy brush of hands, the intimate conversation of our eyes and the curtain of hair that stops the chatter midway as it falls on my face. And I forget and my cup goes cold.

It holds my dreams, when in the strong sunlight, I think of a future; a beach and a four legged companion, to span the world with me.

My untidiness, My tardiness, Days when I barely have time for one quick sip while slipping my hair into a knot and rushing for work.

The swirling cup of strong coffee. holds more than just the coffee dregs, it has my dreams my hopes and fears, my daily dose of “Lets take on this world”


About the Author:

Esha Sugla is from the batch of 2017–19. She’s a dreamer and a chatterbox who thrives on books, TV series and friends She’s a caffeine addict and a polyglot and that’s why her thoughts are often a mess albeit in different languages!

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