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Finding Home

by Mansi Puri

“I’m running on a beach. Where does the sea end How long will I keep running It’s a crazy place to be.

All I see is the sea No people no borders Which place is it.

Somebody take me home Where’s the damn home All I see is the sea !!

You’re running. And not just humans, But everyone’s running.

Whosoever existed ever, was, here, once running. Whosoever will ever be will, here be, running. Alone.

On one’s own. With guided yet free-will. On an eternal tread-mill. With every foot-step beyond our control Yet, It is ‘us’ who is running on our own.

With every ‘old’ departing somehow, With every ‘new’ converging into ‘now’, There is an exchange providing a ‘change’. And despite the change It’s all the same!

You’re lost.

But so is the world. And Within the world, Everyone’s lost in their own world. Though, on your own you are not alone.

Lost where are we all here? Is it all a road to nowhere? With every impulse that the time imparts.. With every progress that a footstep marks..

With every beat that enliven the hearts.. With every ignition that consciousness starts…. a subtle transition-journey inside us continues on its path.

Truly a journey of our real-self a precious opportunity in-wrapped. Of evolution amidst a life itself from our real self to our true self.

Guiding it with our realizations shaping it with our deeds, the onus lies only on ourselves of providing it what it needs.

Being true to earning spiritual virtues. Let the spirit of life leads us. An opportunity is it to earn nectar-soul-food, without which merely a wanderer we are. An opportunity to realize our ultimate fullness -too ineffable, we have been deprived of, so far.

Within this transition-journey, within ourselves, lies our true self- Our true home. Containing a whole new universe inside it, the lives and deaths is it beyond. On the infinite stretch of eternity,

It has always been our home sweet home. We’ve parted from it for now, though. Wish, not for long. Within you.. That true home might be feeling empty too.. awaiting its true owner, just as much as you do.. ..longing for your true home.

— — — — —

About the Author

Mansi Puri is an MBA student at IIFT. She reads to make sense of the world and writes to get hold of her thoughts. It’s the fundamental questions that trigger her curiosity the most and often she tries to find answers in the works of the greatest philosophers.

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