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Finding Yourself

By Kopal Jaiswal

Been to the mountains, Been to the beach, The terrain presents the sombre backdrop, It’s the instinct that paints to preach.

Just as the paintbrush, Stable canvas it needs, The ebbing tide and the gushing flow, Serves the mind its peace.

And out pour the feelings, A word, a line, a full blown song, Illuminating the mind and warming the heart, the perfect picture, As if the crack of dawn.

The mind becomes a passenger, The heart holding the reigns, A painful shed of tear, a nostalgic smile, No one cares to tame.

The plunge within ventures known unknowns, Falling through the crevices, unguided in a maelstrom, Finding the self, which was buried deep down somewhere, As you grow wings and soar up in the air.

And then?

Then, The shackles cease to exist, The waves howl to ride, the peaks echo to climb, Being free, the instant may be fleeting, But the memory lasts a lifetime.

******************************************************************* About The Author Kopal is a dilettante writer who enjoys exploring the meaning of life and love through his poems. A travel enthusiast he wants to combine his love for traveling and writing by publishing a travel book.

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