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Grass is Green on both the sides

By Rhibhu Chattopadhyay

These little grains are the source of so much happiness one can’t express it in appropriate amounts. They bring euphoria, nostalgia, serenity and what not at the same time. When logic seems to flow like water, it surely becomes fun. The imagination opens up like an open world MMORPG. But, that won’t necessarily be of any use if the world is not explored. Still amazed by the incomprehensible vastness of it. Anyway, let’s get back to it. Even though these beans are so magical why aren’t they being entitled to unlimited mobility similar to its peers? This is nothing but an antique and “innovative” way of oppression against a specific community. Oops, I meant commodity. I got to know how the shackles came to be rung around its legs. Obsession! Rather than having a consensus it was whim of a single person which resulted in the present mire. I guess the “people” have to rise against. But, why would “people” leave their bubble to aid a cause whose climax is very difficult to foresee. You know what’s lacking? Camaraderie! If only that existed in optimal amounts in this world it could have been a “better” place. Who knows? I guess we need to wait another “1984” years to be able to see the scenario. The only plea is to free the shackles of the innocent convict wrongfully chained for such a long time. Live and let live. The grass needs to be green on both the sides!


About the Author:

Rhibhu Chattopadhyay is from the batch of 2017–2019. He was the Senior Cell Coordinator of The quiz club of IIFT. He likes to both read and play. A lot. He believes that to understand the world, the easiest (hardest) way is to become a polymath.

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