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Just One More

by Sonali Jindal

Evening strikes

and I search for inspiration

a little magic, a little truth

Drink to drink, person to person.

It’s hard

with the glass so small

and one drink never enough

the urge never ending,

the amber depths holding the secrets to life.

People seem to blur into a mass of one,

all the same with a tendency

to limit my feelings to the effects

of the glass in my hand.

All said and done,

each drink seems to,

seamlessly expand into another one.


About the Poet:

Sonali Jindal (@StoryofSonali) is a dreamer, writer and a proponent of productive laziness. After spending her childhood being woken up by her parents humming ad jingles, she developed a love for marketing & PR, along with her passion for writing and music. She’s also an avid reader, and a big believer in magic and miracles. If you hear someone humming a song around you, follow it and you’ll probably find her nearby.

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