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Life In Lockdown

By Deeksha Bhale

As we breathe in this Covid air,

Everyone is sad and in despair.

Despite this never ending lockdown,

We have let our creativity and emotions out.

From clapping and lighting diyas for our warriors,

By staying inside,we have become our own saviors.

This is considered the worst time for humanity,

But we have to stay calm and not lose our sanity.

Though we are sad and in despair,

But just think about it, that, once we go out,

We can breathe in much cleaner and fresher air.

We may lose our jobs,and have salary cuts,

But brainstorming in this lockdown,we have come up with new innovative shortcuts.

Having our fathers in the kitchens, is a sight to behold,

We have gone an extra mile to bring groceries for the neighboring old.

Though we are sad and in despair,

Once we go out, we can breathe in much fresher air.

Cooking, painting, gardening and what not,

In this lockdown, we have built a strong hand at every job we got.

We have to stay strong and not be in despair,

Because once we got out, we can breathe in much cleaner and fresher air.


About the Author

Deeksha is a writer who likes to write short poems about what she sees around her and what her heart feels deep inside. Being a reader she has developed an eye to look for creativity in everyday life.

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