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Live For…

By Rishika Nayyar

Live for the life that truly matters To be led with the kindest intention For those together and those in heaven Live to relish the ecstasy in their presence And the unsaid Love in an agonizing absence.

Live for the 4 A.M sunrises Embraced in the solitude of dawn Breaking through the nights Spent counting the stars At places where moon kisses the ocean

Live for the Passion that drives apart The Love that overfills the heart The conversations made in silence When words just thwart.

Live to shine in the darkest nights To be discovered from coal Not the gold mine

Live to get knocked down

Then rise again and above all Served on the Golden Platter Victory is delusion without grinding battle

Live with the courage To lose a part of self

In the life of better half A part of each in other Two in a soul, forever

Live to Love Live to Rise Live in a way that Almighty falls in love with your life.


About the Author:

Rishika Nayyar is a PhD student in Economics and Trade Policy, batch 2015 to 2020. She is also working as an Assistant Professor in Delhi University.

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