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Lost Again

By Tanmay Kumar

I thought I was a poet who walked along the beach, In awe I stood and my hands stretched out to reach, the silver lining dividing the water from the sky- and traced her features as slowly she went by.

I fall and my heart and mind pump to get up, I try to stand on my shaky legs, But the weight of my soul was too heavy to bear, The cramps and tears in my heart have become too much to mind.

I try to close my eyes but I’m continuously haunted by your smile. It’s yet again so I wouldn’t let this like love, I can’t help but want to be your dove, Sailing on the wings of your emotion-

A dolphin riding the waves of your devotion. Why can’t I just let these feeling pass, My world is spinning way too fast, I’m lost- you find me and I get LOST AGAIN. Your eyes draw me in but your fear pushes me out, Your lips beckon me closer but doubt still clouds my mind.

Why did we have to find each other- The timing couldn’t be more wrong, You still seem to sing my heavenly song. This is weird, I’m lost in three parallel worlds, I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m confused- I wish the time ceases to tick, So I wouldn’t have to lose you.

Wishing amour shall cause our hands to fuse, So I never have to let go, So I’d never have to say so long- And I will see you soon.

Set my soul free, Unlock the prison that keeps-our feelings hidden, Rescue my heart that’s calling out for you, I will understand if you block me out- I can sense your fears too.

Even if the fate tells us that we aren’t meant to be- I know you feel this too, And You know the torment I’m going through. I will overcome it with boundless affection, You have captured me with intellectual perfection.

Your smile and face inhabits the center and border of my heart- Willing our threads to never part. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About The Poet Tanmay is a writer influenced by the past that he had and tries to write things trying to break the shackles of that same past. He believes that paradoxes are the most beautiful aspect of one’s life and that they should be embraced with all our hearts.

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