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Paris: 13th November

By Sweekruti Mishra

Today was supposed to be my happy day. Finally my 5th birthday had made its way. Smiling and giggling, the entire last week, 13th of November had finally stopped playing hide and seek!

Twinkling stars in my two little eyes, Tummy filled with colorful butterflies! My birthday party was in the evening, Mum made sure that the house was shining.

Buntings, balloons, stars and flowers, Gifts had already made little towers. I absolutely love what Mummy does bake, But for the party I wanted the biggest cake!

So, in the evening, we stepped out, But my Paris seemed to be drenched in blood tears and doubt. Mangled bodies lying here and there, People running in utter chaos, headed towards nowhere.

Mommy picked me up and started to run, A masked man advanced towards us with a gun. Never had I heard such fear in her voice, He took an aim at her, pure evil in disguise.

Like a rag doll, she fell to the ground She would not wake up, however much I hound. He moved on to kill someone else, My world had collapsed, I sat amidst the wails.

Another masked man came into the street I think to clean the place of any leftover human meat. He looked into my eyes and took his aim, In that moment, I knew, all humanity died of shame.

For he could kill a harmless five year old With such conviction and blood all cold. I know I am going to a better place, What would have I done without mum anyway!

But it is just sad that I’m going so early Caught at the wrong time, in a wrong alley. I pray that someday the world will become a better place, And then maybe I will come back with a new happy face!


About the Author: Sweekruti is from the batch of 2016–18. She was the Cultural Secretary of IIFT, Delhi.

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