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Perks of Dating a Musician

by Hitharthi Vala

When the morning light beads There will be hums of not birds, but him to wake you

And when the noon will try to ambush your day

He will send you artists to talk to and jazz to tap your feet to.

And when the late evening knocks at your closed door There will be unplanned dances on uneventful songs with toes on toes and waist reaching hands.

There will be kisses on the neck and murmuring in ears that will go two beats off from the song on the radio.

But there will be radio that you’d forgotten, guitars that would strum.

And in a beat or two You’d strum them too and maybe, the song in the background would be penned by him for you.

— — — — — — -

About the Author

Hitharthi Vala is interested in even trivial trivia and music. She loves reading and has a tendency to take her time while reaching any place.

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