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Pulchritudinous Soul

By Deep Vashi

Hey there you pulchritudinous soul, Memories of you, in my brain, taking its toll

You’re the motionless ink, A mind I’d want to drink, A whiff of fiery smoke, A swift deadly blade’s stroke

The fire of a thousand suns, With every passing moment she stuns,

You bring about a rush of emotions, Not like a river, or a sea, but oceans, You’re the innocence of life, With the sharpness of a knife

A human beyond comprehension, A homo super sapien, from another dimension

Your name weaves magic like an infallible spell It all started with “Hi Deep, You spoke well!”


About the Author:

Deep Vashi is from the Batch of 2017–19. He is an avid reader and writer of poetry and fiction and a passionate footballer.

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