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By Sonali Jindal

“Is it really urgent? Can it not wait another day?”

These words brought forth a host of memories in Mira’s mind.


Words that have the power to wound, words that have the power to please, words that can break the world and shape it anew; words that fell short abysmally when it came to expressing how she felt since that day. Words that could never describe the utter loneliness of her existence since her Mother passed away. She had colleagues, classmates, teachers and well-wishers who often stood united in their concern for her but there was no one who really cared. No one who just knew when she was sad or had had her heart broken. No one she wanted to call to celebrate over good news or commiserate over the bad ones.

Mira wasn’t a fool — she knew everyone went through losing a parent at one point or the other. She sometimes felt guilty, for holding on too tightly to the memories and the pain, especially when her Dad was suffering just as much, if not more. But suffering like love, can never really be measured — it just is or isn’t. She often thought of picking up the phone and calling her Dad, to just chat with him or ask how he was but her nerve always seemed to fail her at the last moment. The distance that had been born of their grief, seemed to widen with every passing moment till she felt as if they were already strangers, with their hearts disengaged, lives miles apart.

“Helloo? Miraaaaaa? Are you listening?”

Her room-mate’s voice brought Mira back to the present. Closing her eyes briefly, taking a deep breath, she replied — “Sorry. And it can definitely wait another day.”

After all, death chooses its own path and no matter how much one might try, it will never be denied its will. One can only carry on, one step at a time.


About the Author:

Sonali Jindal is a dreamer, writer and a proponent of productive laziness. After spending her childhood being woken up by her parents humming ad jingles, she developed a love for marketing & PR, along with her passion for writing and music. She’s also an avid reader, and a big believer in magic and miracles. If you hear someone humming a song around you, follow it and you’ll probably find her nearby.

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