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The Curious Case of Love

by Rishabh Daga

Note: The Poem starts at the end of a relationship and flows backwards from there on.

I am sorry that I knew you.

Now you are a Jane to me,

coming alive in memories that are fading.

Second by second, but never fast enough.

Would I do it again? No

The forgotten feelings of nights gone by,

The mistaken beliefs of an epic story.

The untrustworthy eyes that were once not.

The hollow touch that used to burn.

Now only air filled pandora’s empty box.

Would I do it again? No

The increasing frowns, the decreasing smiles,

the rescheduled dates, the empty chair,

the melancholy songs, the empty excuses,

the leftover love, a burgeoning doubt.

Would I do it again? No

My story now revolves around only you,

Prologue is written, epilogue is upto you.

Take good care of my story, love.

For I am just a co-author now.

Would I do it again? …..

Would it be okay if I took some of your time?

Would it be okay if I wrote you a rhyme?

To tell you there’s nothing I’d rather do,

Then spend my whole life loving only you.

Would I do it again? …..

I was not searching for hope yesterday.

Today, I cannot help but find it.

Behind a smile in a stolen look,

With the wind of a coming storm.

Would I do it again? …..

You went on your merry way, paying

no attention to my world, left shattered

behind you. Color leaking through you,

bringing to life the world around you.

Smile some more, for the world smiles

with You :)

Would I do it again? Do I even have a choice?

— — — — — —

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