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Opinion: The Fourth Estate

-Arnav Agarwal

It used to be a hysterical affair when somebody in my family used to read out clumsy news pieces to me in the middle of the day and we could all laugh together at the absurdity of the so called “media channels”. Recent events have made it rather infuriating. The witch-hunt going on in the news aimed at criticizing “drugs” and marijuana and equating their usage to being a worthless/socially distasteful element of the society gets under my skin.

But that is acceptable form of journalism we entertain, isn’t it? A person takes his own life. After two months of deliberating over the circumstances that led to it (and debating whether or not it was orchestrated), the Narcotics Control Bureau can register an FIR against the former partner of the deceased because they purchased two bags of weed.

A major chunk of Silicon Valley micro-doses for efficiency and ideation at work. Tech Moguls like Bill Gates have not only been forthright about their indulgence but have been known to encourage legalization and invest in the building of a structured distribution channel. In a questionnaire filled by Steve Jobs, although he described weed and hash as making him relaxed and creative, he had even higher praise for LSD, later saying that it was one of the most important experiences of his life. But I get it. Billionaires and their phony lifestyles. Whom do you look up to? Brad Pitt? Rihanna? Michael Phelps? Abraham Lincoln. Well, I’ve got news for you. Okay, forget about celebrities. The very ‘rishis’ and ‘sants’ you’re seeking the blessings of outside famous temples spread across our culturally diverse nation are dosing on chilams and pipes and it’s not even a clandestine practice.

One achievement that the news update seems to pull off successfully is to distract our credulous nation from pressing issues like covid, our collapsing economy, other bills and laws passed during the lockdown and to confuse them in their own little AAJ TAK obsessed minds.

However, it is amusing how our society has never and WILL never comprehend, accept or even begin to realize that clinical depression is a condition that is capable of affecting even the most accomplished in any sphere and people (yes, men too) can take their lives succumbing to it. And that’s how a mental health case turns into a narcotics investigation.

“How is it even possible? How can you say it is a mental health case? Of course, he was intoxicating on substances. That’s what compelled him to go for it. That’s the only reasonable explanation.”



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