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The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

by Mansi Puri

I’m wearing a pretty yellow dress with gray leaves printed all over it. My hair colored golden and eyes done with a little sparkle. Today, I want to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Hiding my dark lips behind a pretty pink, I am pretending to be full of life. I’m wearing the nicest white boots going with the mood of the surroundings, and a silver heart-shaped pendant touching a cleavage that’s just enough to make him want me more. We are walking in an abandoned street with graffiti on closed shutters. There are some pine trees on the sides and a church at a distance. The blue sky is adding to the beauty and the color when he clicks pictures of me. He loves clicking pictures of me. The Sunday afternoon of an empty street is lit with our uncontrollable laughs.

If it was for me, I’d rather hang out in an empty forest wearing a black dress and black boots like ’em boys wear in school. I would wear crimson lips and eyeliner so dark that it overshadows the eyes. Eyes that he fails to read. I’d ask him to spare the camera lens for a moment and look into my eyes. I’d tell him there’s no tomorrow, no memories to make. Whatever’s there, is right there in the moment. I’d tell him I don’t want to be beautiful. I don’t want to laugh. I want to sit quietly and just be.

But not today. Today, I want to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Whatever’s there, is

right there in the moment,

No memories to make

I’d tell ‘him’

there is no tomorrow.”

said she,

under the guise of addressing ‘him’,

to her own ‘self’,

subtly complaining about her own senses,

which, though belonging to her,

had been betraying her,

by going with the stream of time,

which, though belonging to ‘today’,

was too eager to meet ‘tomorrow’.

In the whirlwinds from ‘today’ to ‘tomorrow’,

She had been left alone,

Tomorrow - she was miffed with,

and, Today was miffed with her.

She wanted to just ‘be’,

but not like she was left to be.

In this stillness, she hopes to discover ‘faith’

Faith that would keep her going

Until comes a time when

she’ll ‘be’ with all her heart,

she’ll love with all her heart,

she’ll live with all her heart.


About the Author:

Mansi Puri is an MBA student at IIFT. She reads to make sense of the world and writes to get hold of her thoughts. It’s the fundamental questions that trigger her curiosity the most and often she tries to find answers in the works of the greatest philosophers.

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