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The Requiem

By Bharat Sheth

Darkness only welcomes those who are predestined for it,

Even if you yearn for light, your being is gradually engulfed in it.

It does not matter how grateful you feel, how serene you are being

The Sith in your head, will remind you of the things that have never been.

The peers you had led, moved past you, living in the warm,

While you are being driven insane into conflict and self-harm.

Years passed by riding my odds and being inebriate,

Sometimes I do really wonder, do I latently covet death.

The dark path I have traversed,

from the light, it has considerably diverged,

I shriek in trepidation for my soul to redeem,

Pining for the hope that lies, in the cradle of the song of the divine

But hope as it is, a wishful probabilistic dope,

Will castrate you from pulling it, leave you with nothing but to mope

It makes me ponder, is there truly a life, alternate

And if there is one, should I rush to asphyxiate

Some are born with potential, among them few are cursed,

For there can never be heroes, without a villain to rehearse

Should I be beta-fied in someone else’s fairy-tale,

Or should I embrace my destiny, chart my own story, through tears of blood and wails.

The rancour is spreading, is there a blue pill,

for only the one’s I need to be as they gave me birth

Otherwise, there is a raging anger inside me,

to strive to reach at the top and light the world at the hearth.

There is a whisper inside me, but I know it is delusional

That there is a Bifrost to light, although its providence, very infinitesimal

And the choice still remains where should I head

Towards light where I yearn, but not to be hailed,

Or in the arms of darkness, who has laid out a red carpet,

for which I am predestined to become one with it.


About the Author:

Bharat Sheth is from the batch of 2016–18. He firmly believes that with enough start-up capital, he can become Batman. He views the world with a cynical eye and is often support his views with the help of Google and Quora.

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