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The Waveless Sea

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

By-Sagar Venkateshwar

In the poignant lands,

Lived a boy at the farthest end,

Filled with stories and dreams,

With hopeless idealism,

Which received a harsh reality check,

In a place far away from home,

No soothing sea for solace,

Enslaved in the fiery land,

Brimming with emotions and passions unheard of,

Survival was a tricky task,

Continuous battle with self didn’t help,

No clear winner in sight,

The breakdown was only an eventuality,

Despair, hopelessness were best friends,

All he wanted was a ray of hope,

But only darkness was visible,

Bafflement for science,

No help in sight for miles,

The lone battle is a tough business,

In a stroke of chance were two stones found,

To light up a fire for the fight,

Only for the waves to be heard again!


About the Poet:

Artist. Author. Bibliophile. The order is never set for Sagar Venkateshwar. He grew up amidst stories since childhood. Fantasy and myths have always held a special place for him. You can always find him scribbling something on the notebook at any point in time.

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