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What’s The Point?

by Y Venkat Chandrasekhar

The question is always the same.

What’s the point, when it all looks vain?

When everything changes and it all appears a Pandora’s box,

When all the controls are lost.

Why is the rush? Why is the push?

Sit back and chill instead of digging the drill.

Let the winds of change be blown,

And the ferocity of the storm be shown.

Let the sun burn the day,

and turn the green into grey.

The rule of the land is a cycle of rise & fall,

Enjoy the spring, cry in the fall.

The question is always the same

What’s the point? Why worry?

You might ask, why wait for the change?

When you can drive the change.

I ask you to turn your back at last,

See if today is any better than the day that went past.

Sure, new horizons are reached, not just the same.

But, the new lows only put us to shame.

Once again, I ask myself the same question

What’s the point when it all looks vain?

Maybe just sit back and chill; enjoy the rain.


About the Poet:

Y Venkat Chandrasekhar is a movie buff who likes to read occasionally. He prefers to get lost in the worlds of Haruki Murakami, Terrence Mallick & Stanely Kubrick. His favorite book is Kafka On the Shore.

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