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Wisdom of The Ages

by Siddharth Sharma

If I knew then

What I know now

Would I be different?

Maybe, but how?

I would steer clear of the collision course

I would whisper gently rather than cry hoarse

With the wisdom of the years

I’d probably shed fewer tears

Make fewer mistakes

Of the treacherous path, steer clear.

Keep adrenaline in check and not have those scars,

I’d keep feet firmly on ground rather than stare at the stars.

I would plan in detail and execute ruthlessly,

Because a dream without a plan is a mere fantasy.

Only if I knew then what I know now

But so would everyone else, wouldn’t they?

Expunge errors and erase the scars

Keep on the highway and not deviate into the narrow path

It is a perpetual quest

The ache for perfection through a retrospective sojourn

What I forget is that life doesn’t offer a retest

If we knew then what we know now

We’d be bereft of the most profound epiphanies

So I m glad I have my scars

And that I gazed at the stars

And from the narrow straight path

I ventured into treacherous lanes

Adversity is the greatest teacher

And I m glad I learned through a few hard knocks

Bcoz now the wisdom of experience tells me

Which knock sounds right for one to open the door

And which one shall be unhesitatingly ignored

I m glad I didn’t know then what I know now

Ignorance is bliss and I had my blissful years

I don’t mind the scars and tears,

For they made me overcome my fears.

Life has its lessons ready, but it takes its own sweet time to teach

When it does, just make sure you’re within reach.


About the Poet:

Siddharth is a student of MBA (IB) 2018–20 batch. He is fond of reading, writing, solving mathematical puzzles and travelling to far-flung places.

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