About Us

Alumni Relations Committee (ARC) at IIFT is an active student body that builds and maintains alumni relations with the alumni of the college.


ARC seeks to reach, serve and engage more than 12000 IIFT alumni across the globe; to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional bond between the organization and its alma mater and to provide the students with the opportunity to connect with alumni across the globe.


It also provides a medium to facilitate inputs from the distinguished alumni to further the cause and success of IIFT.

Our Events

ARC is responsible for organizing guest lectures, assisting in the career mentorship program, maintaining alumni database, publishing the bi-monthly magazine 'Aluminati' and keeping everyone updated through our social media handles.


We host several events throughout the year, ranging from Chapter Meet in various cities, the 10-year reunion, the Silver Jubilee Celebrations as well as The Grand Alumni Reunion, one of the most awaited events of the year.


Grand Alumni Reunion

The Grand Alumni Reunion is an event to cherish. The event attracts a good turn-out every year, with alumni traveling from all corners of the globe to attend.


After the Director's address, students of IIFT present cultural performances. The Alumnus of The Year Awards - Corporate Leadership Category and the Entrepreneurship Category are presented.


Later, alumni enjoy a sit-down and snacks, taking time to rekindle old friendships with classmates from years gone by. While the alumni reminisce their campus days, the students utilize the opportunity to network with the alumni over dinner.


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Meet The Alum Comm Team

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Madhura Katageri

Madhura can be found leading the Alumni Committee through its problems and celebrations, with a constant smile on her face.


Hardik Makani

With his witty jokes, Hardik and his uncanny ability to make a meme for any scenario, never fails to make those around him laugh, no matter the situation.

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Tanmay Kumar

Tanmay and his witty remarks ensure that those around him are always found with a smile. His persistence and hardwork ensures that he always comes through.


Pratik Sawant

If you feel as motivated as Pratik, there is nothing that you can't do. He is in it for learning and serving our alumni is a deed of joy for him.

Pooja Acharya

Pooja is found wherever there is work yet to be completed. Her perseverance and creativity always helps her team pull through.


Swati Panjwani

With her smile, her warm heart and her feel-good vibes, Swati is always there for her team, keeping everyone in high spirits and always having a good time.


Sumit Somalwar

Sumit is one of Alumni Committee's constants, always dealing with problems in a calm and collected manner while ensuring that everyone is involved and enjoying what they do.


Jasraj Padhi

Jasraj can be found helping his team with his work and his heart, always moving forward while caring for the right cause.