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Alumni Relations Committee (ARC) at IIFT is an active student body that builds and maintains alumni relations with the alumni of the college.


ARC seeks to reach, serve and engage more than 12000 IIFT alumni across the globe; to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional bond between the organization and its alma mater and to provide the students with the opportunity to connect with alumni across the globe.


It also provides a medium to facilitate inputs from the distinguished alumni to further the cause and success of IIFT.

Our Events

ARC is responsible for organizing guest lectures, assisting in the career mentorship program, maintaining alumni database, publishing the bi-monthly magazine 'Aluminati' and keeping everyone updated through our social media handles.


We host several events throughout the year, ranging from Chapter Meet in various cities, the 10-year reunion, the Silver Jubilee Celebrations as well as The Grand Alumni Reunion, one of the most awaited events of the year.


Grand Alumni Reunion

The Grand Alumni Reunion is an event to cherish. The event attracts a good turn-out every year, with alumni traveling from all corners of the globe to attend.


After the Director's address, students of IIFT present cultural performances. The Alumnus of The Year Awards - Corporate Leadership Category and the Entrepreneurship Category are presented.


Later, alumni enjoy a sit-down and snacks, taking time to rekindle old friendships with classmates from years gone by. While the alumni reminisce their campus days, the students utilize the opportunity to network with the alumni over dinner.


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Meet The Alum Comm Team

Akshay Virmani_IMF - AKSHAY VIRMANI.jpg

Akshay Virmani

"He who thinks...yeah, he thinks a lot!

Akshay is calm, composed and can be found leading the Alumni Committee through its problems and celebrations."

Chinmay Cholkar

Cooking and Comedy enthusiast, a talkative and dog loving person, who's always ready for a nice plate of Biryani.

Arvind Ranjit

He's a part-time meme maker and a full time procrastinator

Harshita Varma

An eternal optimist with a heart of surprise.

Nishka Samant

Nishka is a pop culture enthusiast and an avid reader (non-practicing), her alternate career options include being a playlist curator and a professional blurb writer.

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Arvind Ranjit_Alumni - Arvind Ranjit.jpg
Harshita Varma_Alumni - HARSHITA VARMA.j
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IMG_2371 - DEVAM PATEL.jpg

Devam Patel

An outdoor enthusiast, Devam is always up for a quick chat just about anything under the sun and with his jovial nature, he keeps people around him always smiling

Amal Kalluvarambil Vinod

A mess of unfinished thoughts.

Pulkit Kumar Gupta

Pulkit is currently procrastinating and on his 4th rerun of The Office.

Nikhil Basina

Nikhil can always be found helping his team with a constant smile on his face. His amiable nature and keenness to learn make it a pleasure to work with him.

Sanjana Padore

Loves reading fiction and a desserts junkie

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Amal K Vinod_AlumComm - Amal Kalluvaramb
Nikhil Basina_ARC - Nikhil
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