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About Us

Equity Research Cell at IIFT strives to bring a culture of critical analysis and thorough research of investment avenues. It also helps student community in building requisite knowledge in the specific domain they want to excel. At Equity Research Cell, we help those students who want to pursue their career in finance, more specifically in equity research, by floating various competitions such as stock pitch report preparation, virtual trading etc, and by conducting various knowledge sessions on topics of relevance. We also publish quarterly sectoral report on various sectors based on holistic and fundamental analysis. At ERC, we strive to nurture the talent of enthusiastic students by providing them a platform where they can unleash their potential.

The skills developed through ERC's initiatives not only help the student develop sound understanding about the equity market but it also builds the efficacy of sectoral research, understanding of management decisions and outlooks, core finance concepts of business accounting and technical analysis etc.

The club aims to encourage the students to develop enthusiasm for active market analysis and practice the classroom learning through implementation. It also fosters discussions related to economics and business stability owning to the close connection of equity performance with firm environment.

The club conducts 'Stockathan' which is an intra school competition and challenges the participants to prepare an equity research report and roll out recommendations to buy/sell/hold the said equity. ERC ensures that the students are aware about the basic concepts and frameworks useful to carry out a meaningful research.

ERC publishes the annual magazine named 'inFINeeti' which displays equity analysis of top companies in varied Industry sectors. The magazine is launched during the National Finance Summit.

Meet the ERC Team

photo_2021-06-02_22-59-04 - Ashim Nanda_

Ashim Nanda

You'll never fail to have a good time in his presence. Watching sport with cold beverages seems to be his favorite hobby! Will always ensure quality of work and a high morale and never shies away from all night work-a-thons

Anshita Bhargava_ERC - ANSHITA BHARGAVA.

Anshita Bhargava

You can usually find Anshita reading fiction, finance blogs or catching up with friends over a great meal. She’s incredibly imaginative and ambitious….yet pretty easygoing!

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