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About Us

This is the IIFT governing students' council which acts as a coordinator for, and provides administrative support to, various student activities and events at IIFT besides taking policy decisions regarding student affairs in consultation with the Director/Chairperson/Program Director.

Meet the Team

Srujan Eati_IMF - President
Srujan Eati

"Statistically speaking, Srujan’s not your average joe, he’s the guy you can go to with the craziest of ideas and he’s still got your back! Srujan is truly, the people's President!"

The President of IMF is the leader of the IMF and the other student bodies at IIFT. The functions of the President are as follows:

  • To make representations on behalf of the student bodies and students of IIFT to the Director, IIFT; and carry out the Director’s directives and suggestions.

  • Define a comprehensive yearly calendar of student activities with suitable projectization where necessary.

  • To ensure the implementation of new student initiatives which are in line with IIFT’s vision.

  • To coordinate the activities of various student bodies of IIFT and oversee their effective functioning.

  • To convene and preside over the meetings of the Student Council.

  • To convene batch meetings and preside over them.

General Secretary
Abhishek Singh

" He has a calm head on his shoulders, the go to guy when you need to get things done. Abhishek's passion for enhancing the college activities will surely propel IIFT to new heights!" 

The General Secretary is the administrative officer of the IMF. The functions of the General Secretary are:

  • To prepare the agenda for IMF and Student Council meetings in consultation with members of IMF and other student bodies.

  • To keep minutes of discussions at IMF and Student Council meetings.

  • To make representations to the administration of IIFT on behalf of the students.

  • To ensure proper functioning of the clubs and forums at IIFT.

  • To organize TRADEWINDS and other seminars organized by IIFT.

  • To act as treasurer of the IMF. In this capacity, he prepares the Budget and maintains accounts for all activities at IIFT.

Akshay Virmani_IMF
Alumni Coordinator
Akshay Virmani

"He who thinks...yeah, he thinks a lot!

Akshay is calm, composed and can be found leading the Alumni Committee through its problems and celebrations."

The alumni coordinator maintains relations with alumni of IIFT. He is also responsible for organizing alumni interactions. The functions of alumni coordinator are:

  • To publish the alumni newsletter ‘Alma Mater’ on a quarterly basis.

  • To organize chapter meets at various locations for alumni.

  • To add new chapters to the alumni body of IIFT.

  • To organize alumni night at IIFT campus annually.

  • To maintain database of alumni and keep updating it regularly.

  • To organize interactions with alumni for interactions, placements etc.

Vishnu Prasad_Media.JPG
Media Secretary
Vishnu Prasad

"An avid reader who loves Scorsese's and Martin Mcdonagh's filmography as much as he loves The God of Small Things and Khasakkinte Ithihasam.

When not running around organising events, can be found wandering around photographing birds and nature, going on solo bike rides, and occasionally penning down some thoughts."

The Media Secretary manages all aspects of IIFT as a brand on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blog, YouTube, etc. He heads the Media Fraternity, which includes the Media Committee, Trading Thoughts - The Literary Cell, and PixCell. He is also responsible for:

  • End to end management and planning of TEDxIIFTDelhi including the organisation, promotion, and curation

  • Preparing the annual Yearbook for the outgoing batch

  • Acting as a liaison between IIFT aspirants and Admission Office

  • Ensuring a smooth onboarding process for the incoming batch and organizing city meets at various locations


Kanishk Anand Sharma_IMF
Cultural Secretary
Kanishk Anand Sharma

"Kanishk has always been a reliable figure who is there for his team no matter what. He doesn't eat to live, but he lives to eat!"

The Culture Secretary is responsible for all cultural activities/inter-B-school events organized, or participated in, by IIFT. The functions of Culture Secretary are:

  • Conceptualization of IIFT's Annual Management and Cultural Festival, Quo Vadis 2022 which observes twenty events, catering to a footfall of over 5000 people.

  • Working towards gaining corporate partnerships and NGO attachments for Quo Vadis and pre-Quo Vadis engagements.

  • Ensuring proper follow-up of cultural events and help in the execution of the events throughout the year.

  • Responsible for all major sponsorship and corporate partnership deals with corporates for the Annual Cultural Fest- Quo Vadis.

  • Organizing social drives and campaigns in the IIFT campus, such as Blood Donation Camps, IIFT Marathon, vocational courses for the underprivileged, etc.

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