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About Us

"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others"
                                                                                                               - Bill Gates



Realization of serenity involved in "giving it back to the society"


To organize different events throughout the year which will be aimed towards spreading happiness and making our society a better place to live

At IIFT we believe that a complete manager should be someone who is not just professionally qualified but also socially responsible and sensitized towards the issues affecting our society. Koshish- The Social Awareness Cell strives to add the same dimension to students’ lives at IIFT.


Koshish has a rich and dynamic history of having undertaken some impactful initiatives since its inception, and last year was no different. Some of the events that were conducted last year are:

Kalagram 4.0: The flagship event of Koshish - Kalagram is an event celebrating a day full of fun-filled activities on campus with children invited from NGOs. The event saw several activities including singing, dancing, tombola, tug of war, and drawing competition among others. It was enthralling to witness such high energy levels till the end of the day when the kids left the campus with a big smile on their faces and bags full of goodies.


CSR Series: The CSR Series were regularly posted on Koshish’s social media handles to make the budding managers at IIFT aware of the real-time socially responsible initiatives taken up by various companies in the corporate world.


Social Media Visibility : With the growing social media usage as managers we understand the need to leverage social media to increase our visibility. Koshish is now available on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to keep the world up to date with what goes inside the world of our budding managers striving to give back to the society. #koshishiift is the hashtag used by us in all our posts.



BIG FIGHT 7.0 - MasterChef: MasterChef 2019 was conducted under the banner of Big Fight. It is a fundraising event wherein all sections compete against each other to collect the maximum amount of money by preparing and selling mouth-watering delicacies, organising interesting games and booths. It is the most awaited and exciting event of the Big Fight.


UWL - Children’s Fun Day: In collaboration with UWL 12, Koshish organised a fun-filled day for the children of an NGO. Each of the four participating teams conducted various exciting activities and distributed goodies amongst the children. The teams made them play games like strike the pyramid, hand painting, dog and the bone, lemon-race, passing the parcel, tombola, etc. The kids enjoyed their day on campus and bid us farewell with wide smiles on their faces.


Blanket Donation Drive: Most of us celebrate Diwali in our homes, but some people are not blessed with the same fortune. Escaping from Delhi’s harsh winters, they seek shelter under flyovers and on footpaths. So, comforting them with a little warmth, Koshish distributed blankets at multiple places in Delhi.


Food Donation Drive: Koshish organised a food donation drive or “langar” outside AIIMS, Delhi, in an attempt to provide one healthy and hearty meal to people in need.


Old Age Home Visit: Koshish organised a visit to Guru Vishram Vridhh Ashram, an old age home that provides medical assistance to destitute elderly. The volunteers spent time with the elderly - listening to their stories, singing songs and dancing with them. We also distributed sweets and donated grocery items. This small effort on the part of our volunteers brought a huge smile on the faces of those elderly people.


A Day with Special Children: Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles. Children with special needs create their world of happiness and believe in things that others cannot yet see. Team Koshish, in our little attempt to get a glimpse of it, went to Little Hearts Special School, a school for specially-abled children, and spent time with beautiful children studying there. We did our bit by gifting chairs and colouring kits to them.


Farewell Gesture for Housekeeping & Security Personnel: On behalf of the outgoing batch of MBA-IB 2018-2020, Koshish distributed gifts to security, & housekeeping staff and the people who have been an integral part in our MBA journey - the Dhaba owners around the college. As the batch left, we thanked them for their services that made everyone’s stay easier. 


Books & Clothes Collection: Koshish arranged a collection drive for the outgoing students of the batch of MBA-IB 2018-2020 for them to donate clothes, books, stationery, and other miscellaneous items that they didn’t need as they packed up to leave the hostels. These collected items are filtered and sorted and then donated to the needy.

This year Koshish will carry forward the great work done and organize many new initiatives to spread more awareness about the prevalent issues in our society. There are a lot of challenges which need to be addressed, and with our new steps we wish to achieve greater participation and support.


Meet the Koshish Team

Anshi_Koshish - ANSHI DALMIA _9C.jpeg

Anshi Dalmia

A girl with a golden heart, Anshi is a passionate individual who loves to dance! When not working to make the world a better place, she finds herself swaying to the beat of Bollywood classics.

Washim Alam_Koshish - Washim Alam_50C.JP

Washim Alam

A person full of energy, enthusiasm and networking. Washim is a people's person. Anytime up for helping out others without any second thought, Washim is very approachable and he always stands up for the right cause.

Turnisha Sarkar_Koshish - Turnisha Sarka

Turnisha Sarkar

Whether you need a friend on a fine evening to sing your favourite tunes with a cup of tea, or a friend to be with you at your worst and not judge you, you will find her.

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