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About Us

The media committee at IIFT, is a student-run body which constitutes of the Media Secretary from the 2nd year MBA (IB) course and members from both 1st and 2nd year students of the institute.


The committee serves as a communication liaison between the administration and the media agencies outside IIFT. It is primarily responsible for providing non-placement related information to media entities and increasing the institute's visibility at the national level.


The committee consistently makes use of traditional, digital and TV media to communicate with various stakeholders. In its efforts to manage as well as promote the IIFT brand, the committee strives to keep the outer world abreast with its latest developments - from the institute's signature fest, Quo Vadis and Tradewinds to the various national and international events its students participate in.


From the year 2014, the committee organizes city chapter meets for the incoming batch to enhance the latter's awareness about IIFT's culture in addition to the constant assistance it provides to the admission aspirants on various social media platforms. 


Pre - Induction

The committee organises a series of engaging events with the incoming batch of juniors to give them a flavour of the rigour of a B-school life. It includes many interesting tasks and assignments, all with the tight deadlines. It sure feels like walking a tightrope, yet having fun.


The committee has also taken up the initiative of organizing the TEDx conference at IIFT which it aims to add to the institute's rich legacy.

Our Events


Our Extended Teams


Meet The Core Media Comm Team

Vishnu Prasad_Media.JPG

Vishnu Prasad

An avid reader who loves Scorsese's and Martin Mcdonagh's filmography as much as he loves The God of Small Things and Khasakkinte Ithihasam. When not running around organising events, can be found wandering around photographing birds and nature, going on solo bike rides, and occasionally penning down some thoughts.

Malika Asthana_Media

Malika Asthana

Extremely jovial and pun-ny, Malika loves everything finance. When not watching cliched Bollywood movies, you'd find her playing the guitar or laughing at cold humour memes.


Nameeta George

She's someone who is easily excited to try out new things, but her true passion lies in art and adventure. There is no sports she doesn't play and you can definitely count her in for all your dance parties.

Sanchita gupta_edited.jpg

Sanchita Gupta

A dreamer, doer and believer!


Shashwat Gupta

He believes that why to overthink when you can overdrink !!


Shaurya Prasad

Shaurya is a jovial and fun loving person whose passion for cricket is second to none. He loves experimenting and taking on challenging tasks!

Suvam Dhar_Media

Suvam Dhar

He is someone who might seem a bit reserved, but in reality, loves to talk and enjoy his life. Suvam's actions are driven by a firm sense of rationale and he has a perfect blend of maturity mixed in a chilled-out fresher. You will always be greeted with a smile whenever you meet him.

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