About Us

True to its name, Melange- the cultural committee of IIFT infuses colour and variety into the monochrome lives of MBA students. Almost every celebration- big or small, comes under its gamut.


IIFT believes in providing a perfect balance between academics and extracurriculars and the cultural committee plays a key role helping the students attain that balance. Thus, the cultural committee aids budding corporates and entrepreneurs in pursuing their talents and developing qualities that complement quality education and obtain a holistic experience.

Our Events

Freshers' and Reverse Freshers' Party

Melange commences its work for the academic year with the Freshers’ party in July and the Reverse Freshers’ in August that provides the first and second years with some much needed respite.


Big Fight

After a minor hiatus till October, Melange conducts its much awaited intra college event, Big Fight wherein all the three sections from the two batches combined are involved in a cutthroat competition spanning across various cultural and sports events.

Marathon and Blood Donation

IIFT Marathon and Blood Donation, conducted in October and November respectively witness participation in huge numbers.

Quo Vadis

Melange conducts Quo Vadis, the biggest festival on campus normally in the last week of January. A three day event, it witnesses a footfall of 5000+ people and oversees some of the largest management and cultural events on campus with participation from top DU universities and B-schools in the country. Events like Hip Hop International, Campus Princess, Raaga, Nukkad Natak, Comedy Cafe, Ramp Burn, Battle of Bands witness huge participation from some great talents across the city. Quo Vadis’19 witnessed performances by The Local Train, Rahul Subramanian and Jubin Nautiyal as parts of its magnificent star nights.

Farewell Sendoff

Melange also organizes the farewell party in the month of February for the senior batch who is about to bid adieu to the college.

Festival Celebrations

In addition to this, it also ensures that every festival – be it Navratri, Lohri or Janmashtami is celebrated in accordance with traditions and customs.


Meet The Melange Team

Screenshot_20200425-131521~2 - AAYUSH GU

Aayush Gupta

Known for leading from the frontlines, Aayush has always been a reliable figure who is there for his team no matter what.

IMG_20200201_215314 - EKTA BHATT MBA 201

Ekta Bhatt

Ekta's constant, bubbly presence makes everyone active and ensures that there is never a dull moment when she is around.

Juhi Dugar

No matter what is going on, Juhi can be found with a grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye, keeping everyone involved and happy.

IMG_20200218_213026 - ARNAV AGARWAL MBA

Arnav Agarwal

Arnav can be found running around and getting things done, always managing to keep the team's morale high.

Rishabh Drolia

With his eloquent speech and creativity, Rishab can always be found brainstorming on what to do next.


Megha Thakur

Megha is always approachable and willing to lend a ear. Her warm-hearted nature keeps the team's spirits up.

Sonakshi Agarwal

Her active presence always brightening any room she enters, Sonakshi can be found wherever there is work to be done.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-16 at 14.07.07 -

Shubham Mittal

If hard work was a member of Melange, it would be in the form of Shubham. His presence inspires confidence that whatever the obstacle is, it can be tackled.

Screenshot_20200425-202647__01 - ABHAY M

Abhay Mahipal

It's no longer considered work if you're enjoying and having fun and Abhay, with his quips, ensures that there is no dearth of laughter around him.

Kriti Wadhwa

An embodiment of perseverance, Kriti is a constant presence keeping everyone motivated and working hard.

Utshah Agarwal

With her level-headed nature, Utshah helps Melange tackle its problems, making sure that everyone is happy.

P_20191212_174252 - palanati karthik.jpg

Palanati Karthik

Palanati, with his many talents, can be found lending a helping hand to anybody who needs it in IIFT.

IMG_8326 - DIVYANSH MBA 2019-21 (Delhi).


With his powerful voice and stage presence, Divyansh always knows how to keep a crowd going. Melange's Master of Ceremonies.