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Identification of customers, competitors or markets - Everything is impossible without marketing research. Research forms the basis with which one can estimate the validity of creative marketing ideas and gauge the strategy for success. Marketing research is an application or a practical wing of marketing which is a prerequisite for every aspiring marketer. 'Insights', the marketing research cell was started in 2012 with a view to instill in every IIFTian, the importance of research.

Insights remains true to its name and spearheads the quest to find product development insights and the changes in consumer behavior through relevant trends that show up. It continues to develop events and competitions that help the students understand the often shunned away theoretical concepts while having fun.

The intricate overlap of business statistics, consumer behavior and channels of IT make market research an interesting field of study and our club ensures that the students get to understand the nuances of this domain.

The activities of Marketing Research Cell includes the following:


Transfer Knowledge: The core objective of Insights is to disseminate knowledge and enhance skills within the marketing research domain to deliver impactful and effective marketing. We work towards this objective by conducting knowledge transfer sessions.

Annual Research Publication and reports: Research reports are published every year, to uncover impactful and actionable business insights, by conducting some exciting marketing research using innovative methods.


Live Projects: We believe that field learning is the best way to absorb concepts. Helping students gain hands-on experience forms an important part of the core activity of Insights.


Inquest: This flagship national level competition which is held during Quo Vadis attracts the top brains across b-schools.


The Mark Researcher: The intra IIFT competition that helps the students utilize the concepts learnt to deliver marketing solutions to relevant industry problems.


Meet the MRC Team

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L Ritesh Kumar

I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing' ~ Plato

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Aheli Mitra

She has a lot of opinions about pasta, cats and fonts. In that order.