About Us

The Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Insurance Cell at IIFT keeps a track of the pharmaceuticals, healthcare and insurance markets, both in India and abroad.


The cell is responsible for arranging knowledge transfer sessions for the batch where the express the importance of these industries and their scope for growth and job opportunities. In addition to this, they also organize guest lectures with the who’s who of the pharma, healthcare and insurance industries, and interaction sessions with alumni in these industries.


The cell also conducts events as a part of Quo Vadis – the annual cultural and management fest of IIFT. PHI also shares content regularly through their social media handles to help keep those interested abreast of the latest happenings in these industries across the world.


The annual magazine of the cell goes by the title ‘inPHInite’; the magazine contains a wealth of information on the healthcare and insurance industries, including insights from industry stalwarts, and well researched articles by the members of the cell.

Meet the PHI   cell   Team

Agnish Bhattacharjee_PHI - AGNISH BHATTA

Agnish Bhattacharjee

Agnish is a major musichead and a TV show aficionado, patient by nature he will not hesitate to explain things to you multiple times as long as you don't disturb his precious sleep

Nivethitha K S_PHI - NIVETHITHA K S_30A.

Nivethitha K S

A person whose preferences are always pragmatic but are presented with uniqueness. Being the best version of herself, Nivethitha not only enjoys her life but also illuminates others' lives. This caffeine lover unleashes creativity coupled with care and concern.