Corporate relations and

placement committee

About Us

The Corporate Relations and Placement Committee at IIFT is a student managed body which acts as a liaison between industry and IIFT students. It is led by the convener and consists of elected student members; who manage all corporate interactions throughout the year and handle the Summer and Final Placement Processes on campus.

Our Functions

The major functions of the Corporate Relations & Placement Committee includes :

To organize Summer and Final Placements Process for IIFT students after deliberation with participating Organizations and IIFT Administration

To organize Guest Lectures by industry stalwarts and veterans for students with the view of apprising them of practical industry wide trends.

To facilitate Live Projects and Corporate Competitions to keep students abreast with latest industry trends

To coordinate the activities of all student managed clubs/cells at IIFT in deliberation with IMF – the students council

To conduct TradeWinds and Vivaan – the Annual Business Summit of IIFT in coordination with students clubs and corporate industry

Meet The

Corporate Relations and Placement Committee  


IMG_3305 - SOHAN SARANGI MBA 2019-21 (De

Sohan Sarangi



A man of few words who has a very strong personality and stays extremely focused. He takes everything very seriously, be it academics or his committee work. 

IMG-9271 - ASHNA GUPTA MBA 2019-21 (Delh

Ashna Gupta

She is the Iron Lady of the house. She is very particular about her work and line to keep it organised. A hard worker, Ashna diligently finishes every task that she takes up.

IMG_20180316_162652528 - MOHAMMED KHALID

Mohammed Khalid Khan

A jovial person by nature. Khalid is always ready to help anyone in need. He is a genuine trade enthusiast who possesses deep knowledge of the domain.

Rohit Kumar Nerella

An avid reader and a chilled out person. He maintains his composure under pressure. He has had international experience in work and doesn't shy away from sharing it with his batchmates.

Solo Pic - Govindu Ravitez.JPG

Govindu Ravitez

He is a man who will get you talking the first time you meet him. A high spirited person who is always full of energy and enthusiasm. He is one of the best photographers on campus.

Title (1) - AJITESH PANIGRAHY MBA 2019-2

Ajitesh Panigrahy

A very calm and composed person by nature. His strategical bent of mind will leave you awestruck. He will always smile in any situation put in front of him.


Aquib Siddiqui

The go-to man when seeking any advice. He is popularly known as The Nawab of Lucknow and is also a gym- enthusiast. His acumen in statistics has earned him a Stat- god status

Screenshot_20200427-130805 - Corporate I

Shreyas Dhole

A Marathi friend that everyone loves to have. He keeps the atmosphere lively when he is around. He has truly seen life from the ground and up. He is very hardworking and remains humble in every situation.

Information Management and Corporate Communications Committee

About Us

The Information Management and Corporate Communication Committee (IMCC) is the sole body responsible preparing the various important documents and publications that are required for effective communication with corporates and other stakeholders.

Our Functions

Its responsibilities include the creation of the corporate brochure of the institute in a yearly fashion and consolidating the batch profile which displays details of the diverse batch of IIFT in a more convenient and quickly accessible format.

Further the committee also assumes responsibilities of verification and design of the standard IIFT student CV to satisfy current recruitment requirements and ensure transparency and consistency.

Each member of the committee is required to function with strong sense of ethics, creativity and professionalism as responsibilities in hand are of a very sensitive nature

Meet the IMCC team


Saurabh Chhabra

The convener is a kind-hearted techie & traveler at heart who loves taking long rides. He loves creating & capturing moments with friends.


Siddharth Bhavnani

Sid & fun are co-existent. This Sheikh loves his personalized hookah & parties. In his alone time, he loves watching NFL & soccer matches late into night.

Vishal Raj

How will you define a person who ensures that you indulge in collective learning? Vishal rightfully pushes you to achieve the goals you set out for yourself. A person can never be more giving.



Fondly referred as James Font by his friends for his love of Typography, this Haryanvi loves his ghar ka Ghee & Ladus. One of the best graphic designers on campus who loves creating art with his beloved PC.


Deepak Jain

An eye for detail and enthusiam to learn defines Deepak the best. An automobile designer by experience, he always has a fresh perspective.


Nitish Raj

You have to put more efforts to hold your ground when he starts questioning the foundations. Nitish engages in detail and takes everyone along with him on a better path of understanding.


Deeksha Bhale

A genuine hearted person, Deeksha goes the extra mile to ensure others’ problems are resolved. Ever zesty, she brings life into those late-night parties with her brethren. 


Aman Gupta

If superman had been real, he'd still be no match for Aman. Aman questions the basics in classroom and makes learning more fun through his arguments.


Jainidhi Maurya

This IMCC member is a hard-core marketing enthusiast who is also one of the most responsible guys of the batch. People assigned to Jainidhi will sit back in ease.