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Corporate relations and

placement committee

About Us

The Corporate Relations and Placement Committee at IIFT is a student managed body which acts as a liaison between industry and IIFT students. It is led by the convener and consists of elected student members; who manage all corporate interactions throughout the year and handle the Summer and Final Placement Processes on campus.

Our Functions

The major functions of the Corporate Relations & Placement Committee includes :

To organize Summer and Final Placements Process for IIFT students after deliberation with participating Organizations and IIFT Administration

To organize Guest Lectures by industry stalwarts and veterans for students with the view of apprising them of practical industry wide trends.

To facilitate Live Projects and Corporate Competitions to keep students abreast with latest industry trends

To coordinate the activities of all student managed clubs/cells at IIFT in deliberation with IMF – the students council

To conduct TradeWinds and Vivaan – the Annual Business Summit of IIFT in coordination with students clubs and corporate industry

Meet The

Corporate Relations and Placement Committee  


Debamitra Bhowmik_PC - DEBAMITRA BHOWMIK_D22.jpg

Debamitra Bhowmik

Debamitra is a quiet, unassuming person, whose desire to help those around him is only eclipsed by his love for football and routine afternoon naps.

Bryceleen Dsouza_PC - BRYCELEEN DSOUZA_16A.jpg

Bryceleen Dsouza

Bryceleen is fond of two things Food and Marketing. If you do not see her eating she is probably discussing Marketing strategies with someone. She is hardworking and can multitask like a pro.

Adhiraj Singh Chauhan_PC - Adhiraj Chauhan.jpg

Adhiraj Singh Chauhan

Adhiraj is a full-time gaming nerd, dog owner and massive Chelsea fan. A friendly and approachable person, he is always willing to help someone in need.

Sheetal Barthwal_IMCC - SHEETAL BARTHWAL_40D.jpg

Sheetal Barthwal

Sheetal is an epicure ; Quirky, chic and fun wrapped safely in a cocoon.

Anand Iyer

Anand Iyer

My Life is an open book if you know to read in between the lines.


Nilesh Kumar Agarwal

Nilesh is a chess enthusiast, up for a game of blitz at 3 am in the night. He pays minute attention to details and loves to strategise every future move.


Shakuntika Thakur

Deep talks, late night drives or midnight binges- Shakuntika is the most enthusiastic person for literally everything. She is both fun and intimidating at the same time. An aspiring marketeer, she would love a great discussion with a cup of coffee on a windy night or a breezy morning!


Shreya Sehgal

Shreya is an enthusiastic person with diverse interests in Chess, Quizzing, Food and Travelling.  She is hardworking and approachable- always up for helping someone in need!

Information Management and Corporate Communications Committee

About Us

The Information Management and Corporate Communication Committee (IMCC) is the sole body responsible preparing the various important documents and publications that are required for effective communication with corporates and other stakeholders.

Our Functions

Its responsibilities include the creation of the corporate brochure of the institute in a yearly fashion and consolidating the batch profile which displays details of the diverse batch of IIFT in a more convenient and quickly accessible format.

Further the committee also assumes responsibilities of verification and design of the standard IIFT student CV to satisfy current recruitment requirements and ensure transparency and consistency.

Each member of the committee is required to function with strong sense of ethics, creativity and professionalism as responsibilities in hand are of a very sensitive nature

Meet the IMCC team

Ayush Kumar Gupta_IMCC - AYUSH KUMAR GUPTA _13D.jpeg

Ayush Kumar Gupta

He is your go-to man when seeking any help. A high spirited person who is always full of energy and enthusiasm.

Raghav S B_IMCC - Raghav S B.jpg

Raghav S B

A techie by profession and a learner for life, you can find me seeking new experiences and exploring various topics.

Dipanjan Roychoudhary_IMCC - DIPANJAN ROYCHOUDHARY_16C.jpg

Dipanjan Roychoudhary

A lawyer and a gadget fanboy, when not reading up about the latest tablet or smartphone, Dipanjan can be found poring over the morning stock indices with his favorite cup of ginger tea.

Arpit Gupta_IMCC - ARPIT GUPTA.jpg

Arpit Gupta

An outspoken guy with an adventerous zeal who knows how to make things easy and interesting to work with

Daniel Sinha_IMCC - DANIEL SINHA_15D.jpg

Daniel Sinha

Believes in enjoying the journey rather than waiting for the destination

Prashanth Katuri_IMCC - KATURI PRASHANTH_21C.png

Prashanth Katuri

An aspiring writer with a knack for singing. Loves Football, Tennis and F1.

Saurabh_IMCC - SAURABH_39D.jpg


Your go-to guy for varied conversations, loaded with sarcasm and speckled with humor-The darker the better.


Madhurima Ghosh

Lakshya Malhotra_IMCC - LAKSHYA MALHOTRA_24A.jpg

Lakshya Malhotra

Driven, analytical and always up for a challenge, he is a loyal friend who is also a football aficionado.

Jeevan Santosh_IMCC - Sandaka Jeevan Santosh Yadav-IIFT.jpg

S Jeevan Santosh

Full of life and a Happy person

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