About Us

Socrates, the consulting and strategy club of IIFT is a platform where students who are passionate about making a career in consulting come together and learn the different facets of the world of consulting. The club aims to complement classroom learning and present a wider view of the consulting domain to its members in order to broaden their horizons


To become a self-sustainable club that provides, among other platforms, an avenue for interactions with faculty, alumni and corporate enabling students to develop an understanding of the consulting domain


Deliver practical knowledge to the club members and subscribers Provide a platform that fosters open discussions and debates about contemporary issues Showcase the potential of students in the domain of consultancy and strategy through various mediums

Consulting, as a business function requires a professional to possess in-depth knowldge about the why-hows of an industry. This analysis is carried out with the help of well designed frameworks, the efficacy of which have been accepted throughout the industry. Socrates equips the students at IIFT with appropriate knowledge and skills to implement these frameworks and derive greater insights through research.

The club conducts regular Knowledge Transfer sessions to provide students with the latest developments in specific industries and encourage discussions. Their knowledge is tested regularly through online quizzes followed by case study discussions.

National Leadership Summit

Leadership Summit is organized every year under the banner of Trade Winds. It brings together the best performing leaders in the field of consulting and engage them in a discussion laying the vision about the future of industry. 

Chausar - National Consulting Conclave

It is the flagship consulting conclave of IIFT. Prominent Industry Leaders and corporate representatives join the two-day event along with an established panel of our faculty. The discussions underline the ongoing changes in the industry and how the students can up skill themselves to remain at the forefront. 


An annual Inter B-School competition conducted as part of Quo Vadis- the annual cultural and management festival of IIFT. Arbitrage is one of its kind event that garners attention of B-School students keen to explore the trade scenario and witness a chance to interact with IIFT faculty.


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Meet The Socrates   Team

Ayush Dubey_Socrates - Ayush Dubey.png

Ayush Dubey

Avid Social Worker, interested in Social Impact Consulting

Urvashi Behere_Socrates - Urvashi Behere

Urvashi Behere

A person who loves to dance and discuss travel stories and horror movies over a cup of tea

Vikas Chaturvedi_Socrates - Vikas Chatur

Vikas Chaturvedi

He is a traveller, photographer, athlete and a minimalist who believes problems come with solutions, just have a positive and visionary attitude

Kinshuk_Delhi_Socrates - KINSHUK_21D.jpg

Kinshuk Batra

Best defined by his goodreads list.