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Information Technology has driven unprecedented disruption in the modern business environment. Systemix understands the relevance of this and works towards the rightful up-skilling of our students in this domain. Our club aims to provide the future business managers a platform to deliberate about the importance of IT while simultaneously learning implementable skills necessary to equip their business with a technological advantage.


The club believes in the dissemination of knowledge through real life examples and problems faced by various corporate and identification of an appropriate solution through peer discussions. Systemix enthusiastically engages the students with hands on training of several widely used software and tools like SPSS, MS excel, Clementine, MS Project etc.

Systemix believes that best way to take a decision is by analyzing appropriate data points and valid research and therefore it ensures that the students are made aware about the numerous career options available in the IT Business domain : from IT consulting to technology marketing, to project management and business development.

The club also provides guidance with respect to the know-hows of E-Commerce industry and curates information about every aspect involved in setting up of any e-commerce company – from building up the platform to getting sellers listed and then reaching out to customers.

All in all, the club acts as the one stop destination to learn about the recent developments in the field of IT - SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)


An In-House of IIFT prepared by the editors of Systemix Club provides exciting articles from the field of Information technology and E-Commerce - highlighting the latest trends and innovations going on around in these sectors.


National IT/Digital Conclave


National IT conclave is an annual event conducted by Systemix that intends to provide an opportunity for the students and delegates from the corporate world to be an audience to the crème de la crème of the IT industry and learn about the issues, trends and opportunities involved in this sector.




Samahava is the flagship event of Systemix, conducted as part of IIFT’s annual management and cultural festival, Quo Vadis. It is a case study competition based on IT, Analytics and Ecommerce theme. Every year we see a huge participation by candidates from top B-schools across the country.


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Meet The Systemix   Team

Harshit Srivastava_Systemix - HARSHIT SR

Harshit Srivastava

Harshit is a 'Jack of All Trades' guy. An avid sportsperson and travel enthusiast , hit him up anytime for a game of football or a trek!

Divyansh Garg_Systemix - DIVYANSH GARG _

Divyansh Garg

Humble and competent, Divyansh knows how to get things done.

Sanchi Soral_Systemix - SANCHI SORAL.jpe

Sanchi Soral

Funny in her own mind. You would find her either too much engrossed in work or procrastinating things to another level. There is no where in the middle. A tech enthusiast, often found searching answers to 'Why'.

Shubham Kabra_Systemix - Shubham Kabra_2

Shubham Kabra

He works best when he has have multiple things to do simultaneously, loves learning new age tech tools and tinkering with softwares.