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The Students' Council

This is the IIFT governing students' council which acts as a coordinator for, and provides administrative support to, various student activities and events at IIFT besides taking policy decisions regarding student affairs in consultation with the Director/Chairperson/Program Director.

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Corporate Relations and Placement Committee

The Corporate Relations and Placement Committee at IIFT is a student managed body which acts as a liaison between industry and IIFT students. It manages all corporate interactions throughout the year and handles the Summer and Final Placement Processes on campus.



The Committees are formed to execute specific areas like handling of the external Media relations of the college to the masses, upholding the alumni relations, fostering a positive culture in the college and maintaining the spirit of sportsmanship.

Managed by: Respective Secretaries and Executive Members

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All the possible domains of management- Finance, Marketing, Operations, Consulting, Systems, and Trade, are handled by one club each. The clubs impart domain and industry-specific knowledge via Knowledge Transfer Sessions throughout the year. Also no management education is complete without practical learning and hence the regularly scheduled competitions-case studies, Group discussions, quizzes, etc.

Managed by: General Secretary of IMF and Club Coordinators

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8 cells are also present to facilitate co-curricular and extra-curricular learning. Students having interests as diverse as stock trading, quizzing, social work, entrepreneurship, etc. will find an environment thriving with opportunities, as well as like-minded peers ready to help and guide. All clubs and cells also publish magazines and reports regularly to help students stay abreast of the latest happenings in their fields.
The clubs and cells are managed by a team of coordinators from both the first and second year. This entire team is led by the General Secretary of the Student Council.

Managed by: General Secretary of IMF and Cell Coordinators

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