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The Heart I Couldn’t See

By Rishabh Drolia

It was supposed to happen, Did u not see it coming? She came to puzzle with you. And to heal that fire burning.

She would be just enough, they said Enough hope to resolve your heart. Enough strength to set you apart Enough love for the world to give

Just enough to keep herself in it. She was indeed just enough, I guess.

Like a bling of sunlight in dark She shadowed sun with the brightness, she sparked

With all those unlikely times she cried A river of tears flooded the vibe. She was just a shimmer of light to follow Which gives all the happiness and takes all the sorrow.

Maybe, it really was supposed to happen And I just missed out on the beginning One day she too would join the past But this one would definitely be till the ending.

How could things change so early. How did I let the universe fool me so clearly Maybe she is just too good to be true Or maybe it’s a way for goodness to follow through.

A magic-land maybe, she seems too surreal How could I not see her coming? She really came and puzzled everything. All that is left are pieces so jumbled.

************************************************************** About The Author

Rishabh started writing quite early in his life and since then everyday emotions and surroundings have been a constant source of inspiration for him. He is one of those people who would take a sad song and make it his own and then write a poem a out it.

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